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Paranormal Equipment – Paranormal Gadgets

Paranormal Gadgets is a business with a goal to develop new and improved paranormal equipment to help detect entities. Paranormal Gadgets strives to  find a way to possibly repel the entities that may be causing uneasiness or harm. All products will have a product warranty or money back guarantee. We want satisfied customers with all our paranormal equipment products. Paranormal Gadgets builds paranormal equipment products to be durable and long lasting with quality components. Great paranormal equipment is vital in the area of paranormal investigation along with common sense. Paranormal equipment produced at Paranormal Gadgets.

Outer Realm Pods similar to a Rem Pod - detects static electricity. OuterRealm Pod [more details]

Available Colors: Blue – Red – White
Does Not Detect EMF but a type of Static Charge.
Very sensitive and detects people, pets and possible entities. 30 Day Warranty on defects and workmanship with replacement. Shipping discounts available with orders over 3 items.  $125.00 plus shipping

Nightmare ReliefBetR Sleep™ – Nightmare Relief [more details]

Fine Mist Spray that seems eliminate nightmares for up to 14 days to 3 weeks. A trace element seems to make it work. The liquid is colorless, odorless and non toxic. For external use only.
$14.95 plus $3.00 shipping
10 day money back guarantee.                                                                   

EM Pump - Monster Box
K2 Meter and Mel Meter not included.

Monster Box EM Pump [more details]

$39.00 includes shipping for a Limited Time
Quiet – Almost no Sound or Vibration
Strong EMF – measures 4 feet from Monster Box

Infrared Laser Thermometer
Lithium ion battery included.

Infrared Laser Thermometer

$25.00 plus shipping
The infrared thermometer accurately measures up to 1/10th of a degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit on its LCD display! Features include an ergonomic trigger to give you total control.
Lithium ion battery included.

Spirit CameraRetinal Spirit Camera

$499.00 plus shipping
The Retinal Spirit Camera takes a mental snapshot of one’s surroundings in a completely dark environment by creating an image of the surrounding area upon the retina. This absolutely clear resultant image lasts for 2 to 6 seconds after the Retinal Spirit Camera has been fired. The memory of this phenomenon can last a lifetime. “It’s the only photo that cannot be faked.” This is reality as it is actually witnessed.